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About Brooke Pattrick Publications

Brooke Pattrick Publications, established in 1975, specialises in business-to-business publishing in the fields of mining,
energy, equipment, infrastructure and the built environment. The company's mission is to serve the readers of its products
with credible editorial, resulting in trusting relationships between the readers and publications, thereby providing
advertisers with receptive audiences. The company also strives to provide intelligence on business opportunities
on the African continent.

As a company, Brooke Pattrick Publications has evolved from a traditional trade and technical publisher into a leading
provider of industrial information on the African continent. Its traditional magazines in the fields of mining, energy and
equipment, as well as infrastructure and the built environment, are now complemented by fortnightly e-mail bulletins
and searchable,
archived websites ( With key industries such as mining, energy and construction
playing an increasingly important role in the development of the African continent, it has become clear that role players in
those industries require credible information with which business decisions can be made.

With this aim in mind, Brooke Pattrick Publications has significantly increased the investment in its editorial department
over recent years by appointing specialist editors and writers who have work experience in the fields that they are covering.
Many of these editors are professionally qualified and registered. To ensure that they can write with insight and are able
to form credible opinions, editors and writers undertake extensive research expeditions throughout Africa.

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Managing director: Neil Pattrick
Financial manager: Janine Stafford
Database and distribution manager: Elvira Wood
Publisher: Darren Smith
Advertisement Sales Manager: Tracey Hack
Subscription Sales Manager: Marcus Pearson



Brooke Pattrick Publications is a truly African company, rooted in South Africa but providing information
to support the industrial development of the entire continent. In this regard Brooke Pattrick Publications
is proud of the diversity of its staff. With a current staff complement of approximately 50 people, about
40% of the staff comes from a previously disadvantaged background. Various staff members are originally
from other African countries – enhancing our truly cosmopolitan African culture!


The shareholders are Neil Pattrick (Managing director) and The Pattrick Family Trust.


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